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Product Name: Skirt Pattern K-6070
Product Code: K-6070
Total Amount: $8.00
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* All patterns that you buy from Alvedik are professional.

* You do not have to make hard work of seam allowance all patterns have 1 cm seam allowance.

* Lining, baline and separate patterns of each part to be cut are available on the patterns of Alvedik.Therefore, you will not waste time for patterns.

* What you need to do is just place the pattern onto the fabric, then you can start the cutting process.

* Papers that are used for patterns are professional pattern papers, after cutting you can keep them for many years by sticking on to cardboard with iron.

* You can find the pattern which you want to buy in the size chart description part.

* Our suggestion is after completing the cutting process first combine by hand sewn and rehearse on your own body. 

*Make the final adjustments that are special for you, then continue with machine stitch. Please apply the adjustments,if any,on your pattern.

                                                                           Enjoy Your Sewing....


*Bust, waistline and hip size should be take into consideration white deciding your size below  the chart.

*Please make sure that your both feet on the ground and stand upright, also avoid bending yourlegs.

*We suggest wear light underwear then measure.

*Do not keep hold of the tape measure, it should be avilable turn to left or right easily.

*It is normal that measures are not consistent, for example your waistline is 36 and your hip size is 38, choose upper body size in this case.

*In order to measure your height keep tape measure vertical to the floor.

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