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blue balloon sleeve stitch pdf

Product Name: blue balloon sleeve stitch pdf
Product Code: pdfelbs-001
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*alvedik sewing patterns are professional patterns.
*You can sew very easily with the instructional video showing how to sew our dress pattern step by step.
Turn on subtitles while watching the video to follow the instructions. subscribe to our youtube channel name Alvedik access the latest training videos
link address
* Our dress sewing pattern is very easy to sew with silk viscose fabric.
*You don't have to work extra hard for the seam allowance and all the patterns have 1 cm seam allowance.
If you choose PDF A4 + Plotter (A0) from the options
*You can print 24 pages of A4 paper from your printer.
* If you want, you can print 2 pages of A0 from a 90 cm printer in the copy center.
In Adhesive Paper Shipment Selection from Options
*You can buy special pattern paper as a single sheet that sticks to the fabric with an iron.
*You will only be able to place the pattern on the fabric and proceed directly to the sawing process. Thus, your fabric will not slip while cutting.
*The papers we use for molds are professional mold papers.
You can store it for many years without wearing out.
The DXF option is for those who have a professional mold program.
* It is sent to the dxf mail address as a zip file.
*You can find the size chart in the description section.
*Our advice to you is to rehearse it by hand stitching after you complete the cut.
If you have to machine sew after you have made it, please apply the corrections you have made to your pattern as well.

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Size Chart
CHEST 84 88 92 96 100
WAIST 66 70 74 78 82
BUTT 88 92 96 100 104
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