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Vest Pattern K-9045

Product Name: Vest Pattern K-9045
Product Code: k-9045
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* All patterns that you buy from Alvedik are professional.

* You do not have to make hard work of seam allowance all patterns have 1 cm seam allowance.

* Lining, baline and separate patterns of each part to be cut are available on the patterns of Alvedik.Therefore, you will not waste time for patterns.

* What you need to do is just place the pattern onto the fabric, then you can start the cutting process.

* Papers that are used for patterns are professional pattern papers, after cutting you can keep them for many years by sticking on to cardboard with iron.

* You can find the pattern which you want to buy in the size chart description part.

* Our suggestion is after completing the cutting process first combine by hand sewn and rehearse on your own body. 

Make the final adjustments that are special for you, then continue with machine stitch. Please apply the adjustments,if any,on your pattern.

                                                                           Enjoy Your Sewing...

Size Chart



*Bust,waistline and hip size should be take into consideration while deciding your size below the chart.

*Please make sure that your both feet on the ground and stand upright,also avoid bending yourlegs.

*We suggest wear light underwear then measure.

*Do not keep hold of the tape measure, it should be avilable turn to left or right easily.

*It is normal that measures are not consistent;for example your waistline is 36 and your hip size is 38, choose upper body size in this case.  

*In order to measure your height keep tape measure vertical to the floor.

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